Organizational Structure

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The departments / units under whom NSC carries out its business processes/ activities and decision-making are detailed below.

Technical Department

The Technical Department is the operational arm of the council and the pivot on which the council’s core activities revolve. It is responsible for providing opportunities for the citizenry to be healthy as well as for sportsmen and sportswomen to perform creditably in local and international competitions.
Its main functions are as follows:

  1. Create opportunities for both officials and sportswomen to train.
  2. Provide opportunities for sportsmen and sportswomen to develop competitive spirit.
  3. Provide equipment and kits for sportsmen and sportswomen.
  4. Motivates sportsmen and sportswomen and officials to excel.
  5. Create avenues for citizens to improve their health through participation in social sports.

The functions of the department are currently carried out by thirty-two(32) National Associations under the ambit of the council, each of which is responsible for the development, promotion and organization of a particular / designated sports.

The National Sports Association operates within the guidelines spelt out in LI 1088 of SMCD 54, 1976. The composition of each of the Associations, as spelt out in the said decree is as follows:

  1. An Honorary Chairman and Honorary Vice- Chairman appointed by the Hon. Minister responsible for sports on the recommendation of the Chief Executive.
  2. A Secretary-General who is an employee of the council and nominated by the Chief Executive.
  3. All Nations Sports associations are affiliated to their respective International Sports Federations.

List below are the 32 Sports Associations currently registered with the National Sports council:

  • Ghana Athletics Association
  • Ghana Amateur Boxing Association
  • Ghana Badminton Association
  • Ghana Baseball/ Softball Association
  • Ghana Basketball Association
  • Ghana beach Sports Association
  • Ghana Boxing Authority
  • Ghana Chess Association
  • Ghana Cricket Association
  • Ghana Cycling Association
  • Association of Sports for the Disabled
  • Ghana Golf Association
  • Handball Association of Ghana
  • Ghana Hockey Association
  • Ghana Judo Association
  • Ghana Karate Do Association
  • Ghana Kick Boxing Association
  • Netball Association of Ghana
  • Ghana Rugby Association
  • Ghana Scrabble Association
  • Ghana Horse Racing Association
  • Special Olympic Association
  • National Sports for all Association
  • Ghana Squash Association
  • Ghana Swimming Association
  • Ghana Table Tennis Association
  • Ghana Taekwondo Association
  • Ghana Tennis Association
  • Ghana traditional Sports
  • Ghana Volleyball Association
  • Ghana Weightlifting, Body building and Fitness Association
  • Women Sports Association of Ghana

General Administration Department

The General Administration Department is responsible for the coordination of human material and technological resources needed for the council to achieve its goals. It has under it the following five (5) functional units/ sections:


  • Human Resource
  • Records
  • transport
  • Estate


Human Resource Section

The objective of the Human Resource Section to design and implement programmes that will among other things, attract, motivate, utilize and retain competent employees for the rapid development and growth o sports in the country.

Its functions include:

  • Organizational planning;
  • Long-term human resource planning;
  • Innovative ways of utilizing staff potential; and
  • Improvement in organisational culture.

Records section

The Records Unit is the information centre of the council. Documents, records and information under care of the Records Unit contribute immensely to the efficient management of the council.

Functions of the unit are:
To have an accurate, relevant, reliable and dependable information system and provide timely information, storage and retrieval of data for efficient and effective management and Administration.

To make records and information safe, reliable and accessible through records control and management.

Security Unit

The Council’s Security Unit is charged with the responsibility of ensuring order and safety of staff, visitors and property. It is also responsible for ensuring an environmental free of criminals and other miscreants at all times.

Transport Unit

The Transport Unit of the Council is responsible for facilitating movement of the personnel and logistics.

Estate Unit

The Estate Unit is in charge of managing and maintaining the sports facilities, equipment and other properties of the Council. It is also responsible for renting and hiring of facilities in all stadia and coordinating all events.

Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for the management of all financial resources of the council.

Its core activities include the keeping and maintenance of proper books of accounts of all financial transactions, the preparation of periodic and yearly financial statements for Management and Board, and co-ordinating the preparation of budgets and estimates.

Additionally, the Finance Department is responsible for the management of Internally Generated Funds (IGF) and the submission of periodic reports thereon through the sector Ministry to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MOFEP).

Lastly, it ensures the administration of funds with regards to adherence to Government policies and other statutory regulations and standard accounting practices.

Public Relations Department

The Public Department is primarily responsible for the promotion of positive corporate image of the Council to win public support and collaboration.

Its functions include the following:

  1. Achieving and maintaining mutual understanding between the Council and its stakeholders;
  2. Establishing and maintaining communication with all interest groups by seeking common grounds of understanding based on truth, knowledge and information;
  3. Ensuring smooth travel arrangements for sports delegations to and from the country.

The Department has the following sections to facilitate its operations:

  • Public Relations Secretariat
  • Protocol Office
  • Media Relations
  • Photography
  • Computer Training Centre
  • Library
  • Hall of Fame

Internal Audit Unit

The Internal Audit Unit is responsible for ensuring that the operational and financial transactions of the Council are carried out on sound financial basis and in conformity with approved policies and procedures.

Its main functions are:

  1. Formulate policies to govern audit activities of the Council.
  2. Monitor the implementation of audit policies
  3. Co-ordinate the preparation and the regular review of audit and procedure manuals.
  4. Carry out investigation into specific operations assigned by management.