August 14, 2017 General 0 comment

Message Of Encouragement To Black Stars From National Sports Authority

We, at the National Sports Authority [NSA] have followed with keen interest your exploits at the GABON AFCON 2017 and wish to convey to you our expression of encouragement. We can imagine at this point that you will be feeling disappointed and dejected on your inability to progress further towards annexing the Cup. Be assured that, the vast majority of Ghanaian saw you fight bravely to bring honour to Mother Ghana.

In spite of all the challenges you have had with your fans recently, you genuinely determined to win the ultimate. However, luck was not on your side. Do feel encouraged that you tried.

For that reason, the Sports fraternity stand behind you in your quest to bring the cup back to us.

We also urge all Ghanaians to appreciate the brave sacrifice of our beloved Black Stars and hold on to the belief that, we are capable of planning better and with luck, the team will rise to the top of Africa where we belong.

We continue to support you, Black Stars and pray for you to rise again.