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General Administration DepartmentRecords sectionNTSC’s Functions

The General Administration Department is responsible for the coordination of human material and technological resources needed for the council to achieve its goals. It has under it the following five (5) functional units/ sections:


  • Human Resource
  • Records
  • transport
  • Estate

Organizational Structure

The Records Unit is the information centre of the council. Documents, records and information under care of the Records Unit contribute immensely to the efficient management of the council.

Functions of the unit are:
To have an accurate, relevant, reliable and dependable information system and provide timely information, storage and retrieval of data for efficient and effective management and Administration.

To make records and information safe, reliable and accessible through records control and management.

In conformance to its enabling law, NTSC’s functions of sports promotion and development are currently focused on the following areas:


A. Foundation Sports
B. Mass and Social Sports
C. Sports for excellence
D. Sports for people with Disabilities
E. Beach Sports
F. Capacity building
G. Infrastructural Development and Management

Objects & Functions

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  • Technical Department  is the operational arm of the council and the pivot on which the council’s core activities revolve. It is responsible for providing opportunities for the citizenry to be healthy as well as for sportsmen and sportswomen to perform creditably in local and international competitions.
    Its main functions are as follows:
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