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 |  Thursday, 27-July-2017

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The Authority >> Internal Environment

A careful and systematic appraisal of the internal environment of NSC brings to light a number of strength and weaknesses. The strengths are the internal factors that would contribute to an improvement in performance and thereby lead to the achievement of the Council’s mission and objectives. Conversely, the weaknesses are those internal factors that might hinder the Council in realization of its mission and objectives. The strengths will be used to take advantage of the opportunities in the external environment to secure a competitive business niche. On the other hand, efforts would be made through the development of appropriate strategies to mitigate the effect of the weaknesses or eliminate them altogether.

Competent Management and Staff
The Council has a core of professionally competent, experienced and committed staff able to deliver results within existing constraints, to the expectation of its customers. The Council now has management that is willing to work as a team, in an ever-changing market place. This first Corporate Plan signifies the readiness of management to provide the focal point for the Council to set itself challenging goals.

The Council possesses core competencies for unearthing sports talents in various disciplines, training and grooming them to international standards. The council also has the in-house ability to market such talents for their own benefit and the benefit of the country.

Internal funds Generation
The Council is able to command increasing financial resources form internally generated funds to excuse its programmes. The Council has the capability to build on this strength into the future.

Sports Facility and offices
The Council has a number of Stadia and playing fields dotted over the country that are suitable for organizing competitive and social sports. The Council also has offices, all over the Regional Capitals that provide congenial atmosphere for work. In addition, the Council has a number of fairly sound vehicles, office equipment and communication facilities that enhance timely and efficient delivery of its services countrywide.



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