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Brief History of Ghana Karate-Do Association

The Japanese word KARA-TE is made up of two (2) Chinese characters meaning empty hand.  It is a system of fighting in which the hands and legs are used as skillful and deadly weapons. Apart from the fact that karate is a self-defense art, it teaches discipline, self confidence and good morals.


Karate was first introduced into Ghana in the second half of the 1900s. Among the many who embraced and practiced this noble art of Karate are Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers, Artists, Engineers and Students and Traders (to mention a few). Not until the late 1990s karate training in Ghana has been more of a traditional martial art than a sport. Karate prospered because of the immense contribution of the following practitioners and mentors: Sensei Daniel Djura-founder of Africa Goju, Sensei Donald Djura, Sensei Moses Baiden, Sensei Duke Banson, Sensei Quagrine… just to mention a few.

On 30th of April 1997, a national body was registered and inaugurated with the National Sports Council (NSC) in the name of GHANA KARATE-DO FEDERATION (GKF) as the 26th sporting association. The GKF got affiliated to the Union of Federations of African Karate (UFAK) and eventually to the World Karate Federation (WKF).


 These were the founding members: Melvin Brown, Francis Fuster, Benjamin Selormey, Victor Amara, Daniel Gyamfi and Samuel Akpalu. After the inauguration of the federation, there was the need to form an executive and a technical committee. The executive committee was chaired by Rtd. Captain George Mould, FrancisFuster and Jude Adu-Amankwah were his vice at the time. All the other members were karatekas and served on the technical Committee with Benjamin Selormey as Technical Director. The Ghana Karate-Do Federation later on came to be recognized as Ghana Karate-Do Association. 

In 2004 Mr. Jude Adu-Amankwah took over from Capt. Mould as president of the Association with Sensei Melvin Brown as Technical Director, and Sensei Kwabena A. Poku as Referee and vice to the Technical Director. The other members of the then Technical Committee were Sensei Prince Wilson, Sensei George-Slater Commodore, Sensei Saadisu Mamah Idrissu, Sensei Frank Danso Bekoe and Sensei Sylvester Davies. The Technical committee has been in charge of coaching and general training and grading of karatekas at the national level.

The membership of the executive committee was change in 2009, with Mr. Michael Nunoo as the Chairman of the association and Sensei Saadisu Idrissu as the Technical Director. The present composition of the Management Board as of May 2011is Mr. Michael Nunoo- Chairman, Mr. Ade Sawyer the Vice-Chairman, Patrick Anyidoho-Cofie (General Secretary), Nathaniel Nartey, (Member), Sensei Kwabena Poku (HeadCoach), Sensei Frank Danso Bekoe ( Deputy Coach) and Dr. Sulley (Member). The executive committee is now referred to as the Management Board.


The present constitution of the Technical Committee are Sensei Kwabena A. Poku (HeadCoach), Sensei Prince Wilson, Sensei Frank Danso Bekoe ( Deputy Coach), Sensei Isaac Amponsah, Sensei Ibrahim Jarrah, Victor Lartey, Emmanuel Adjei.


The GKA took its first outing the very year it was inaugurated in 1997, to the UFAK Zone 3 Championships in the Ivory Coast and won 2 Gold, 4Silver and 2 bronze. Since then the association has participated in many yearly UFAK Zone 3 Championships and performed increasingly credibly well, winning laurels in both Kumite and Kata.  The Association has also represented Ghana in 3 All Africa Games since its inauguration: 1997, 2003 and 2007 when contestant Victor Lartey won by correction of a previous decision.


National Karate Championship on March 21st

The Ghana Karate-Do Association is organizing a National Karate Championship on Saturday, March 21, 2015 at the DG Hatharamani Hall of the Accra Sports Stadium from 7am-7:00pm.

National Karate-Do Championship fixed for November 8

The Ghana Karate-Do Association (GKA) will from November 8-9, 2014, organise the national Karate-Do Championship at the D.G. Hathiramini Sports Hall of the Accra Sports Stadium.

LOC for Karate Championship Inaugurated

A seven member Local Organizing Committee (LOC) has been inaugurated by the Chief Executive of the National Sports Council to ensure the successful hosting of the 13th edition of the Union of Federation African Karate (UFAK) Zone 3 Championship.

Ghana to Host Zone 3 African Karate Championship

Ghana will this year host the 13th edition of the Union of Federation African Karate (UFAK) Zone 3 Championship from the 30th July to August 6th 2011.

Inauguration of Local Organizing Committee


A Seven member local organizing Committee was inaugurated by the Chief Executive of the National Sports Council at the Press Centre of the Accra Sports Stadium on the 3rd May, 2011 at 3:44pm.



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