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Badminton >>The Game Badminton

Badminton is a racket Sport played on a rectangular court can be found in the National Sports Stadium (Ohene Djan Sports Stadium, in Accra), Schools, Universities and Club Houses.


  1. Clothing - Short, T-shirts or Sports Shirts and warm top are the basic clothing you need.
  2. Footwear - Sports socks and comfortable badminton shoes or trainers this can be obtained at all Sports shops.
  3. Rackets - These are made of various light weight materials of different makes and prices. If you are just a beginner, you do not need to buy the most expensive racket but cheap rackets (GH¢10 – GH¢50).

    If you go to a specialist racket shop, ask the shopkeeper who should have a good knowledge of the rackets and their difference.

    In Ghana, shops such Haramani, Accra and Jubilee sports shop at Osu, are recommended.
  4. Shuttlecocks - These are plastic or feathered. If you are just starting, plastic
    Shuttlecocks are ideal and cheaper. They come in 3 speeds; fast, medium and slow. Buy medium speed to stat with until you know more about the Game.

    For a beginner, Badminton is a relatively low coast sport to start playing.
  5. Court - Courts are marked for both singles and doubles play
  6. Event - Singles, Doubles and mixed Doubles for both men and women.
  7. Where to play Accra: Ohene Djan Sports Stadium, Accra, (Public). Tesano Club house (private), Tema GPHA Club House, Lincoln Community School, University of Ghana, Ghana International School, Temasco, Chemu Senior High School, Ebenezer Senior High School – Dansoman etc.


In all the Universities and Polytechniques and Club Houses across the country. Western Region Zenith House – Takoradi and Tarkwa


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Chairman's National Badminton championship, 2009


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