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National Sports


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Mission of the NSA

“The National Sports Authority exists to develop, organize, promote and manage competitive and social sports with the view of promoting health fitness, recreation, national cohesion and professionalism that ensures sustainable wealth creation, vigorous infrastructure development and proactive management which leads to sports excellence and international recognition.

Doing Business with NSA

We foster team work and pursue the highest standards of excellence, honesty, fair play, innovation and productivity in our service delivery. Our human resources, being our most treasured assets, operate in congenial working environment, and are continually developed and motivated to install loyalty, devotion and commitment to win the respect of our stakeholders.”

Of Disciplines

The rudiments of “Sports For All” origin existed in the Gold Coast (now Ghana) in the form of games and other related activities organized by clans enthusiasts to celebrate important memorable events such as Harvests, Religious Festivals, and Ritual Dances.

The games were opened to all irrespective of age, sex or socio-economic position, provided one was willing and wishing to participate. These activities were public mass participation in character.

The main aim of the festive games and activities was to socialize. Create a fund and to unite them as one people with a common destiny.

They then embarked upon a vigorous programme to develop and promote some of the games as disciplines to elevate participants who excels for participation at international competitions and tournaments.

The achievement of political Independence for (then Gold Coast) Ghana opened the way for public mass participation at the national level instead of clan level.

On 19th July 1997 a Government policy “Sports For All” was declared. The main aim of the policy is the involvement of public participation in sporting activities to achieve all-round physical, mental, spiritual, social and cultural development of the Ghanaian citizenry as a nation.

Objects & Functions

Objects of NSC
The law (SMCD) under which NSC currently operates define the objects of the council as follows:

  1. To promote and encourage the organization and development of, and mass participation in, amateur and professional sports in Ghana;
  2. To co-ordinate and integrate all efforts to raise the standards of performance in amateur and professional sports throughout Ghana.

Functions of NSC
For the purpose of giving effect to its objects, the law (SMCD.54) specified the function of the council as follows: